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Xiaomi Mi6 Specs: 4K UHD Display, 23MP Primary Camera, Wireless Charging System and More

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Xiaomi has established itself as a top smartphone manufacturer within a short time. By equipping its handsets with outstanding components and features, the company has become a strong competitor in the global smartphone market.

The company’s next flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi6 is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2016. Let’s take a look at its detailed specs.

Xiaomi Mi6 Specs - 4K UHD Display, 23MP Primary Camera, Wireless Charging System and More

4K UHD Display

Xiaomi Mi6 is rumored to be equipped with a 5.2-inch UHD display. The bigger screen is perfect for you if you are a movie lover. Moreover, the screen is said to feature a 4K display resolution. That means, you will be stunned by its vibrant view while playing high-end games and watching HD movies. The color of the screen will be incredibly vibrant, which will provide you with a unique and awesome experience.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.5 GHz Octa Core Processor

Being a next-generation smartphone, Xiaomi Mi 6 will receive a significant processor upgrade. It has been rumored that the device will feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.5 GHz processor. Moreover, the chip will have eight cores, which will allow the device to run all the high-end games at an incredible pace. So, it will definitely be a great device for the hardcore gamers. Moreover, the faster processor will ensure that you will never face any lagging issue.

23 MP Primary Camera and 7-10 MP Secondary Camera 

The current generation Xiaomi Mi5 has achieved a great reputation due to its amazing performance in capturing high-quality photos. The next generation Xiaomi Mi6 will also be no different. The device is rumored to feature a 23 MP primary camera and 7-10 MP secondary camera, which is a significant upgrade in terms of the mega pixel range from Xiaomi Mi5’s 16 MP rear shooter and 6 MP front shooter. Moreover, the cameras will feature optical image stabilization and auto focus options, which will make Xiaomi Mi6 one of the best photo capturing and video recording device of 2016.

Other Important Features

Xiaomi Mi6 is rumored to feature the wireless charging system through which you can charge the device by simply putting it to the charging mat, rather than using typical chargers with cables. Another major feature will be the Retina eye scanner, which will allow you to authenticate the device by scanning your eye. These two unique features will make Xiaomi Mi6 a very strong competitor to beat in the global smartphone market.

Overall, Xiaomi Mi6 will be one of the best smartphones of 2016. If you have any plan to buy a new handset next year, the Mi6 should be on the top position of your desired smartphones list.