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Xiaomi Mi6 Rumors to Debut in the US in June 2016

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Many people in the US haven’t even heard of Xiaomi smartphones, but this will all change with the future release of the Xiaomi Mi6. It’s quite amazing when we look at it even more considering all that Xiaomi has become in worldwide markets despite the limited market release. In just four years, Xiaomi has become the third leading manufacturer of smartphones, and this is despite being featured in one of the largest markets worldwide.

This is expected to change with the release of the Mi6. The current Xiaomi Mi6 rumors has it being released in the US along with other markets in North and South America. Consumers who have missed out on the previous releases are in for a real treat as the budget friendly smartphones which are priced almost 50% less with comparable specs of some of the best Android smartphones for 2016 including Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, and Apple.

Xiaomi Mi6 Rumors to Debut in the US in June 2016

New Xiaomi Mi6 rumors on the debut around the world are pretty consistent with their new marketing plan, and it deals with overtaking both Samsung and Apple in being the industry leader. Maintaining a competitive price that is expected to be in the area of $400 for an unlocked version will come in almost ½ less than the Galaxy Note 6, Galaxy S7, and iPhone 7.

The Xiaomi Mi6 rumors on the specs include 23 MP rear camera, 7 to 10 MP front camera, quad-core processor, and a 4K screen with a resolution of 4096 x 2160. Stay tune for more info on the upcoming US Xiaomi Mi6 release date along with all rumors and confirmations.