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Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date Rumors; China, India, Singapore, UK, and US

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For those of you waiting for the next 2016 Xiaomi smartphone, the wait will be well worth it. This year we will see the Xiaomi Mi5 in a matter of months, but next year’s release of the Xiaomi Mi6 is what most of us are wanting to see? The Mi6 is looking to be one heck of a debut, especially considering that people who are not familiar with the Xiaomi branding will see it for the first time.

We’re hearing rumors on the worldwide Xiaomi Mi6 release, as it’s believed to be the first Xiaomi smartphone to be featured in many countries outside of Asia, Europe, and India. 2016 looks to be the year where those worldwide finally get to see what India and China have since called the #1 smartphone brand, and Xiaomi looks to be making the Mi6 by far the best one yet.

Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date Rumors

Rumors on the release are pretty consistent as it’s expected to debut in China in early June of 2016. Singapore, India, Japan, and Thailand are likely to feature the Xiaomi Mi6 release date around the same time as China. Flipkart is already expecting to see huge consumer interest in India where many analysts are saying will be the #1 market for Android smartphones moving ahead of the US in 2016.

Those in the UK, Germany, Canada, and other North American and European markets are believed to consumers sales by mid-to late June. Huge interest in Asia and India are likely to cause production delays in other markets worldwide as marketing for the MI6 is expected to be huge in unfamiliar markets. Along with the Mi6, we’re hearing rumors that at least two other Xiaomi flagships will be released worldwide in 2016 as well.

As we get closer to the 2016 Xiaomi Mi6 release date, you can expect to see all the latest here first.