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Top Three Reasons to Hold Out for a Smartphone 2016

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The start of each year most of us contemplate if this is the year to buy a new smartphone as all the year’s best is put in for display. This year is no different as all of the top players including Apple, Samsung, LG, Google, and more are expected to debut new innovations that are likely to keep people talking. If you’re looking for something truly unique that has the perfect mix of price and technology advancements, you just may want to wait until 2016.

There are numerous enhancements to the lineups as seen in every top smartphone 2016 that will surely give you what you’re looking for, and so much more. We’re talking about true foldable smartphones, customizable smartphones, and at prices that are sure to impress. The wonderful thing about competition is that it keeps the price down, which is precisely what consumers like you and me want to see.

Top Three Reasons to Hold Out for a Smartphone 2016

Below, we showcase the top three reasons to wait for a new smartphone 2016 if you are looking for the very best.

3. Expect that the 2016 Smartphones will Not Only Be more Advanced, but Much Cheaper than 2015 Smartphones.

With the likes of many start-ups driving down the price of smartphones, this will only increase in 2016. Many manufacturers out of China and other markets will be featured in more markets worldwide. Xiaomi, for instance is looking to debut the Xiaomi Mi6 which is expected to be featured in new markets including here in the US.

Many of these start-ups offer a high quality smartphone with premium specs and features, but at nearly half the price. The Xiaomi Mi6 is expected to sell for $400 here in the US, almost ½ the price as the iPhone 7. What will this do to premium manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, LG, and more?

The heavy competition is likely to significantly decrease the price of any smartphone 2016 to a more respectable price. New iPhones for instance typically retail for around $800 or so here in the US, but the 2016 price of the Apple iPhone 7 may be significantly cheaper. 2016 Samsung smartphones are expected to see the same price drop along with others such as LG, HTC, and Sony.

2016 Will be the Debut of True Foldable Smartphones

2016 looks to be the year where we will see true foldable smartphones. LG has already alluded to a future concept in 2016 which will feature a flagship having a foldable, premium design. There are numerous rumors floating around with uncertainty if this will be the LG G Flex 3, LG G5, or a new series entirely.

With LG looking to start the foldable trend, expect other manufacturers to do the same. As smartphones get bigger and bigger, the foldable concept makes a world of sense. Being able to have a 6” plus phone, but maintaining the idea of portability makes the foldable concept that much better.

Probably the most realistic rumors as of this time is on the LG G Flex 3 concept. The G Flex series has become the most innovative smartphone series, and adding a foldable design would only add to the appeal. Sporting a sexy curved, foldable design would certainly make the G Flex 3 one of the top smartphones for 2016.

Project Ara Will Add a Sense of Customization to Smartphones in 2016

Project Ara - Smartphone 2016

Project Ara is truly the next big thing in the world of smartphones. Ara focuses on giving owners the ability to customize almost every smartphone feature including the camera, RAM, battery power, resolution, and much more. Coming standard with a shell, users will be able to buy new modules which will give them the specific features they want.

The days of buying a new smartphone every year or two will be over, as the only thing that you will have to worry about is upgrading the camera megapixels, adding more memory, or enhancing the resolution. Project Ara smartphones will have a pre-set amount of modules where consumers can purchase upgrades not exceeding the amount of available modules. Upgrades, and even downgrades can be substituted to the owner’s desires, and can be done anytime, anywhere.

Google’s Project Ara has been demoed at MWC earlier in the month, and is expected to officially launch later this year. While in its infancy, it’s not expected to be featured in markets worldwide until 2016. As of this time, there has been no official announcement from Google on the Project Ara price. Speculation has suggested about a $200 price tag here in the US for the shell itself, and would go up from there depending on the upgrades purchased. This in-itself should save thousands of dollars per consumer over the years, especially considering most of us buy a new smartphone at least once every other year.

Stay tuned for more on the Google Project Ara release and all the latest smartphone 2016 previews and reviews.