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Top Three Android Phablets to Look forward to in 2016

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The year of the Phablet will be here in few more months as 2016 will debut some new innovations from all of the top smartphone manufacturers. Samsung started the trend, and this coming year will see the trend being introduced by the likes of LG, HTC, Sony, and many other upcoming developers. There once was a time when the Phablet was an overlooked device, but now, it’s become something that everyone stops and looks at.

All of the top Android smartphone manufacturers will be looking to compete with the 2016 release of the Galaxy Note 6 as the LG G5 Note, Sony Xperia Z5 Ultra, and many others will become direct competitors. The following will give you a glimpse into things to come in the coming year with the top three Android Phablets for 2016.

Top Three Android Phablets for 2016

LG G5 Note

The LG G5 Note is one of the most anticipated Android Phablets for 2016, and within good reason. The premium G5 Note is expected to be launched along the LG G5, and will give consumers yet another reason to fall in love with LG smartphones. The G5 Note will be bigger, and will sport some features not seen in the smaller G5.

LG G5 Note rumors suggest it will sport an amazing 4K Sapphire screen. With a resolution that is 4 times full HD, it’s expected to become a multimedia powerhouse. There is also info out on a 3D display as with many upcoming 2016 Android Phablets as well as the LG G Pen Stylus.

Sony Xperia Z5 Ultra

Rumored to be the biggest 2016 Android Phablet as the Sony Xperia Z5 Ultra is believed to be at least 6 inches. Also sporting a 4K display, but a 3D display is less likely. We’ve been hearing that Sony is more likely to go with the QHD display in all of their Xperia Z5 releases. Sony is looking to go big with the premium variant of the Z5 as there hoping the June 2016 release will get them back on top.

A 24 MP rear camera, 6-7 MP front camera, 5 GB RAM, and an octa-core GHZ processor round out the Sony Xperia Z5 Ultra specs. Features include a fingerprint scanner, waterproofing, shockproof, dustproof, and a 4200 mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is expected to be between 5.8″ and 6 inches, and will integrate seamlessly with multiple Samsung peripherals. With the push being towards all that Samsung brings you as far as multimedia including virtual reality, mobile gaming, and data driven smartwatches. We have seen consistency over the years with more features, better specs, and an amazing display in each new Galaxy Note.

Expected to feature a 5.8″ – 6″4K 3D screen display that will take watching movies, surfing the next, and digital photography to a whole new level. A 4200 mAh battery with wireless charging, optical image stabilization plus, and a full metal surround are all rumored in the Galaxy Note 6.

Wrapping up this Preview on the Top 3 Android Phablets for 2016

It will be hard to find a 2016 Android Phablet to live up to the standards of the Galaxy Note 5, but expect there to be a lot more competition than usual. Consumers and analysts alike not only want, but expect to see so much more out of the pioneer for the Phablet, and something that others will try and replicate.

With the likes of LG and Sony expected to release Android Phablets of their own in 2016, it will be interesting to see how they rate against the IOS iPhone 7 Ultra. Stay tuned for much more over the next few months including all there is to know on Top 3 Android Phablets for 2016.