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Sony Xperia Z5 Rumors Suggest it will be the Only Sony Smartphone Release in 2016

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Sony is looking to do away with the bi-annual release date cycle that we have seen in previous Sony Xperia Z smartphones, and this will start first with the 2016 release of the Xperia Z5. Sony has been among the many caught up in a very competitive market, especially considering the many start-ups out of Asia such as Xiaomi. For those who were hoping for a Z5 sighting this year will have to wait a bit longer as we’re not expected to see it until mid-2016, at least according to new Sony Xperia Z5 rumors.

Regarded as one of the best Android smartphones each and every year, the Xperia Z series is always one of the most anticipated. The changes from two releases per year to one will certainly be better for consumers as the concentration on one flagship over two should mean a better phone. It’s also expected that Sony willl be cutting back on much of its mobile sector due to declining sales and an increased competitive market.

Sony Xperia Z5 Rumors on the 2016 Release

Current Sony Xperia Z5 rumors also suggest that Sony will look to compete with start-ups such as Xiaomi as far as the price. With high-end Xiaomi smartphones selling for $400 – 450 such as the 2016 Xiaomi Mi6, this will surely set well for those waiting for the release of the Z5.

With specs including an enhanced APCS sensor for wider camera views, 27 MP rear camera, 5 GB RAM, and a 2.9 GHZ octa-core processor, expect the Z5 to compete with other premium smartphones in 2016.