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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Rumors Including Waterproof and Eye Scanner Technology

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The Samsung Galaxy Edge concept has become one of the most popular smartphone concepts, and the first one has yet to debut. The increasing popularity of the upcoming Galaxy S6 Edge has spawned numerous rumors on next year’s launch of the S7 Edge. We’re expecting huge things out of the 2016 release of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and featuring that consumer will love to see.

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge rumors consist of two featuring we were hoping to see in the S6 Edge. Rumored to feature a waterproof feature and eye sensing technology which is expected to become two of the top features in 2016 premium smartphones. Waterproofing is already featured in most flagships, but Samsung elected to leave it out in the concept of both versions of the S6.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Rumors

The other feature consumers will love to see is the idea of eye sensing technology. Rumored for years now, but has never become a reality is the concept of either a retina eye scanner or iris scanner. Improving on the security of any smartphone, eye sensing technology is believed to be the smartphone security feature for 2016. Eye scanning technology is expected to replace the fingerprint scanner while becoming one of the best features of 2016 smartphones.

Smartphone security will be even more important as we look towards mobile payment options in 2016. Samsung is expected to start pushing their own mobile payment option as Samsung Mobile Pay is expected to rival that of other mobile payment options like Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Personal information is stored within the app and allows consumers to purchase goods and products by simply touching their smartphones on a mobile payment terminal. Mobile payment options are expected to grow to well over 100 billion dollars over the next couple of years, and phone security will be even more important.

Stay tuned for more on the waterproof feature and eye scanner technology and all other 2016 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge rumors on the new concept.