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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Rumors on the 30 MP Rear and 10 MP Front Camera Specs

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The top smartphone manufacturer out of Korea will be looking to doing it right when looking at the follow-up to the Galaxy Note 5, and the many rumors surrounding the Galaxy Note 6 suggests the same. Despite the fact the Note 5 has yet to be made official, the many Samsung Galaxy Note 6 rumors on the camera specs will have some waiting until the 2016 release.

Smartphone manufacturers typically release one flagship model per year which really sucks when looking at the conventional cell carrier contracts. On a two year contract, consumers are left with the idea of this year or next in getting the next big thing. For those who are waiting for the next rendition of the Phablet, the best advice may be to wait until the 2016 release of the Galaxy Note 6.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Rumors - Camera Specs

Based on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 6 rumors, the camera specs will by far be the best we’ve seen so far. Rumored to feature a whopping 30 MP rear camera and a 10 MP front-facing camera, the Note 6 cameras may just be the best-selling features. As smartphone manufacturers look for ways of beating out the competition, Samsung intends on continuing the trend of what they’ve done so well over the years.

Other Samsung Galaxy Note 6 rumors that are highly unlikely is the idea of a foldable design. Samsung has already alluded to the idea of introducing a foldable concept into their 2016 smartphones, but no official announcement on which model will see it. We’ve been hearing rumors that the Galaxy Round will be the model to feature the foldable concept, but it wouldn’t surprise us if a new model is released in 2016.