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Rumors on the iPhone 7 Price for the September 2016 Release Date

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If Apple hopes to maintain their status as boasting some of the best sales of any smartphone company, they had better look at the success of many other start-ups, particularly out of China. Start-ups such as Xiaomi are making a name for themselves by offering lower price points for comparable smartphones which has ultimately put them into the top three.

With the upcoming iPhone 7, the same couldn’t be any more than the truth as they will be directly competing with Xiaomi who is looking to enter markets such as the US and UK with their upcoming release. As Apple looks to keep the iPhone 7 price comparable to other premium flagships, it will be interesting to see just how they do it.

iPhone 7 Price for the September 2016 Release Date

With rumors on the 2016 iPhone 7 price already in, it would seem that they still have a ways to go. With the US iPhone 7 price rumors ranging from $649 – 849 for the expected September release date worldwide, it will still be much more than other flagships. Those in the UK can expect to pay 436 – 570 and the India iPhone 7 price could be as high as Rs. 53087.

When looking at the specs and features of the iPhone 7, some won’t mind paying the more expensive price. Many consumers live and die with their iPhone’s, and this seems to be the case with each new release. The 2016 iPhone 7 release will bring many new features including a waterproof design, 3D Sapphire Screen, built in projector, and rumors on solar charging technology.

Stay tuned for more info including the iPhone 7 price for all countries that’ll be getting it upon 2016 release.