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Rumors on Pink iPhone 7 Colors to Be Featured Along with Silver, Grey, and Gold

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It looks like Apple has huge intentions on appealing to a specific consumer base, and with the upcoming iPhone 7, it looks like females will get to choose a new and unique color. Pink is on the horizon to be added to the iPhone 7 colors and will be featured alongside silver, grey, and gold. The current iPhone 7 rumors comes as no surprise, especially considering this is a huge untapped market.

Females comprise of over 50% of the smartphone industry, and when looking at all the ways of blinging out a new phone for females such as colored phone cases, rhinestones, and much more adding pink would be a great decision. Apple has become known as one of the most innovative tech manufacturers, and the addition to the already impressive lineup of Apple iPhone 7 colors would be a huge success. The days of having to buy a pink case are all-but over, at least when the pink iPhone 7 is released.

Rumors on Pink iPhone 7 Colors

The iPhone 7 release date is rumored to be released during the 3rd quarter of next year, and is already being praised as one of the top smartphones for 2016. On the day of launch, all four colors including the pink iPhone 7 is expected to be launched on the same day in September 2016.

Also rumored to be released at the same time is three total versions of the 7 including a cheaper iPhone (reminiscent of the iPhone 5c) and the iPhone 7 Plus. The Plus sized iPhone has taken off in popularity, and the 7 Plus is expected to get a couple of more inches added on. Force Technology which has been seen in the iPad and upcoming Apple Watch is rumored for all three versions, and will only enhance the user experience.