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Rumors on the Smaller and Cheaper iPhone 7c Concept

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Apple is looking to bring back the concept of the smaller and cheaper iPhone, at least according to new 2016 iPhone rumors. The concept surrounds the idea of appealing to a wider range of consumers, especially considering many mid-range smartphones that will be released around the same time in markets worldwide. An iPhone 7c is being rumored to be featured along the standard and premium iPhone 7 Plus.

The C concept started with the iPhone 5c, and became widely popular for those looking for many of the same great features, but at a much cheaper price. The same is expected in 2016 as rumors that Apple will be reintroducing the C concept with the release of an iPhone 7c. Apple is hoping the new iPhone 7c concept will bring in many new consumers, especially those looking at other smartphone start-ups offering huge price advantages.

Rumors on the Smaller and Cheaper iPhone 7c Concept

Many of the same great colors are rumored including green, blue, pink, and yellow, including the standard white and black. Sporting a 4” screen with a Sapphire display, the iPhone 7c concept is expected to be an instant success. Priced to see at more than $100 below the standard version this may mean owing a new iPhone 7c for as little as $550.

While much of this is mere speculation at this time, we’re expecting to hear much more over the coming months. The new rumors on the iPhone 7c concept makes the most sense, and who else could make it happen than the innovative Apple Inc.