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Rumors on a iPhone 7 Apple Watch Bundle for the 2016 Release Date

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The Apple Watch is expected to be the next big thing, and if you are into innovative tech devices then it’s definitely something worth considering. Apple will be releasing the IOS Apple Watch very soon, and it’s expected to rival all of the top smartwatches out today. The interface between the Apple’s smartwatch and iPhone will only enhance the experience for consumers on the go.

To get the best overall experience, Apple is rumored to be releasing an iPhone 7 Apple Watch bundle at the time of the 2016 release. The package deal will be for those who want two great innovative devices in one pretty little package, and will save some money at the same time. Hopefully we’ll see a price advantage of buying the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch together, which is what we’re expecting to see.

Rumors on a iPhone 7 Apple Watch Bundle 2016

We’re expecting the price of non-contract Apple iPhone 7 to range between $700 and $900, so an iPhone 7 Apple Watch bundle price would likely to top $1000. For some, the price of an iPhone 7 bundle will be too much, but for those who are looking to purchase both it’s likely to be the best option.

The specs of the 2016 iPhone 7 is expected to be huge to say the least. Rumored to feature an amazing 4K Sapphire screen, waterproof design, and an on-screen fingerprint scanner. The scanner itself is expected to be more responsive and will offer the best security seen in previous iPhones. There have been rumors on eye sensing technology, but minimal information is out on either a retina or iris eye scanner.

Expect to see a whole lot more on all aspects on the rumored Apple iPhone 7 Apple Watch bundle including the release date and price well before the expected September 2016 release date.