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Rumors on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 Release Date; US, UK, and More

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Here on Smartphone 2016, we continually reveal all the latest rumors and confirmations on things to come for next year, and the latest iPhone rumors seems to keep us all wanting more. Apple continually graces consumers with what they want, and the next two releases will do just that. The mounting rumors on both the iPhone 6s and next year’s iPhone 7 release date is starting to draw interest, and it’s easy to determine why.

This year we will see the iPhone 6s release, and it’ll be here much sooner than you think. Expected to directly compete with Samsung’s release of the Galaxy Note 5 which will be later this year, both versions of the S6 including the iPhone 6s Plus is already getting huge consumer expectations. The expected official announcement on the 6s is expected to come during the 1st week in September which will likely set up a release date in the US and UK by the end of the month.

Rumors iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 Release Date; US, UK

Most are waiting for the 2016 release of the iPhone 7. With huge changes in store of the new concept including solar charging, a built in projector, and waterproof features, the 2016 iPhone 7 release date will definitely be worth waiting for. Here in the US and UK, we can expect a 3rd quarter release, and should be during the month of September.

Smaller markets around the world can expect to see the release during September with some having to wait until the 1st couple of weeks in October. As we get more information on the official iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 release date, you can expect to see it here first.