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New Rumors on the 2016 Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Concept; Waterproof, Eye Scanner Technology, and

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The new 2016 Samsung Phablet is about to get a whole lot more, and we’re not only referencing the size. Rumors on the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is bringing forth many changes to the entire concept as the tech manufacturer out of Korea is looking to appeal to a wider consumer base. When the Phablet first appeared many years ago, it was marketed to more of a business base of consumers, but now with the popularity of Phablet increasing this is all expected to change.

The famed Phablet now has the multitasking capability to appeal to personal and business alike, hence new rumors on the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 concept. Many new features are expected to debut in the follow-up to the Galaxy Note 5 including an improved wireless charging feature, waterproof design, and eye scanner technology.

Rumors on the 2016 Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Concept

Wireless charging will first debut in the Note 5, but the speed of charging is something that will be improved. Reminiscent of the quick charging feature seen in chorded charges will now debut in the Note 6 wireless charging. We’re talking about 30 minutes to give you 50% battery power, and all without having to plug the phone in.

Waterproofing is also rumored to be featured in the new Galaxy Note 6 concept. Samsung started to reserve the waterproof feature for its Active model, but it’s believed that all 2016 Samsung flagships will feature a waterproof design. This will appeal to users who like those amazing underwater pictures, and the 28 – 30 MP rear-facing camera will surely help.

Probably the single best feature expected in the new 2016 Samsung Galaxy Note 6 concept is the integration of eye scanner technology. Rumored to become a standard feature of each of the 2016 Samsung flagships including the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, it’s expected to replace the fingerprint scanner. Improving security while giving consumers the peace of mind with online shopping while surely becoming one of the top features of any of the best Android smartphones for 2016.