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Rumors on the 2016 HTC One M10 Release Date and Price

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While most of us are still letting the official announcement on the HTC One M9 set in, we are already beginning to hear rumors on the 2016 release of the HTC One M10. Many of us were hoping to see a radical change in the M9, and not because it was needed, but instead, because this is what were used to seeing. As most smartphone manufacturers look to top the preceding year, many times this is done with introducing something truly unique.

While on the outside the M9 looks nearly the same as the (M8), it’s what’s underneath it all where the difference really is. The same is not said to be true with the 2016 HTC One M10 release as we’re really expecting to see some huge concept changes. As HTC has already suggested that there are big things in store for us with what many believe will be the M10, we are working double time in determining what this means.

2016 HTC One M10 Release Date and Price

We are sticking to our guns in saying that the HTC One M10 release date will be made official at the MWC event next year. The annual event seems to be the launching pad for many top smartphones for that year, and 2016 should be no different. If the above does hold-true, we can expect to see the worldwide release date during the month of April.

The HTC One M10 price is where it all starts, and if the launch day price of the M9 is any indication of things to come then consumers will be really happy. The M9 price comes in well under other flagships including the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge which will be launched right around the same time.

We can expect the M10 price here in the US to range between $600 and $750. This would depend on the memory option you chose as we’re likely to see internal memory variants of 16, 32, and 64 GB. Well below the price of other 2016 flagships from Apple, LG, and Samsung which may help the HTC One M10 become one of the year’s best.