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Rumors on a Huge 2016 HTC One M10 Concept Change over the M9

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When comparing the HTC One M9 to the current M8, you will see a slight difference in the overall concept. This is expected to change with the 2016 HTC One M10 release which is expected to be significantly different when comparing the concepts. Consumers were hoping to see many more changes between the current and the new M9, but this will be a thing of the past when looking at the new rumors on the HTC One M10 concept.

We continually uncover all the rumors, confirmations, and all there is to know on the upcoming 2016 smartphones, including HTC’s 2016 newest flagship. The HTC One M10 concept is expecting to get a huge facelift when looking at the current M9, and some much needed features. The M9 concept was sort of disappointing when looking at other flagships released this year, but the 2016 release is expected to be one of the best. It will be interesting to see if the M10 concept rumors will be reserved for the premium M10 or if they will be featured in both versions.

Rumors 2016 HTC One M10 Concept

New rumors on a lightweight, dual layer protection will enhance the durability and make the HTC One M10 one of the slimmest Android smartphones for 2016. The metal composite is believed to be the perfect mix of lightweight, and stronger materials that is believed to make the outer shell nearly indestructible. We say this very loosely as we all have seen many ways of destroying any smartphone, but an enhanced feature will be a welcome approach.

HTC is likely to go with a dual camera feature in the new HTC One M10 concept rumors. Rumors on a significant improvement when comparing the concepts of the M9 and M10 camera including a 27 MP rear and 10 MP front shooter. With auto laser focus, optical image stabilization, and auto zoom, the average consumer will appreciate the much improved HTC One M10 front and rear camera.

Stay tuned for much more, well before the rumored April 2016 release date.