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The start of each year most of us contemplate if this is the year to buy a new smartphone as all the year’s best …


Each and every year, Apple and Samsung prove to be two of the top manufacturers of smartphones, and with their upcoming 2016 releases this …


Phablet smartphones have taken off in recent years, and the idea of owing a bigger smartphone is only expected to increase in upcoming years. …


Samsung introduced us to the Edge concept with the debut of the Galaxy Note Edge last year, and expanded upon it with the Galaxy …

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Sony is looking to do away with the bi-annual release date cycle that we have seen in previous Sony Xperia Z smartphones, and this …

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LG has been introducing us to some amazing and innovative technologies in some of the previous G Flex smartphones, and the new rumors suggests …

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Many people in the US haven’t even heard of Xiaomi smartphones, but this will all change with the future release of the Xiaomi Mi6. …

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The Apple iPhone series has become one of the most recognized smartphones on the market, and Apple consumers over the years have become some …

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