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Newest Samsung Note Phone: Galaxy Note 4 Review

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Galaxy Note 4 is the newest Samsung note phone. The device is arguably regarded as the best android phablet ever!

You might wonder why the Galaxy Note 4 is called the best phablet, while there are some great devices, like LG G4 and Google Nexus 6, which are dominating the phablet market. Well, after reading this review, you will get a clear answer.

Newest Samsung Note Phone: Galaxy Note 4 Review


The Galaxy Note 4 features a vibrant 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display, which has an outstanding resolution of 2,650×1,440. The display is able to produce a stunning view. If you play 4K videos on this newest Samsung note phone, your eyes will simply pop out! Overall, the display is able to perform incredibly well and can compete with any screen of its major competitors.


The design of the newest Samsung note phone is simply amazing. Its body has been constructed with metal over plastic, which makes it more durable. It has a thickness of only 8.5mm. As a result, it has become slimmer and smarter than the other phablets. The straight sides enable the users to grab the device comfortably. More specifically, you can easily find the volume control and unlock buttons with your fingertips. The backing is a bit more textured, which further enhances its cheesy look.


Being the newest Samsung note phone, the Galaxy Note 4 has been equipped several hardware upgrades. It features faster Quad Core 2.7GHz Krait processor, improved Adreno 420 GPU and 3GB of RAM, which enable the device to run all the high end games and apps efficiently. It also features 32GB internal storage and microSD slot supporting up to 128GB external storage, which ensures that you will never have to worry about storing large files. The 3200 mAh battery ensures that the device operates all day long comfortably.


The 16MP primary camera of the newest Samsung note phone promises to capture stunning photos. It features the simultaneous HD video and image recording option. That means, you can perform HD video and image recording at the same time! It also features the optical image stabilization option. The 3.2 MP camera shows a decent performance in capturing selfies and making video calls.

The New S-Pen

Although having a similar design in comparison with its previous version, the new S-Pen of the newest Samsung note phone has been equipped with a number of new features. It has become more responsive and smoother. When you start writing using the stylus, you will notice the difference clearly, as it has more than 2,000 levels of sensitivity, which is a major increase from 1,000 levels possessed by the last year’s pen.

Being equipped with all these amazing features, the newest Samsung Note phone can beat any of its rival phablet. That’s why, it is called the best Android phablet. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section.