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New iPhone 7 Rumors on Expandable Memory and Larger 4.8″ 4K Sapphire Screen

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How much can Apple pack into a smartphone, which leads us into some new iPhone 7 rumors. It’s looking as though Apple is looking to push the envelope with the 2016 iPhone 7 release, and from what we’ve seen so far consumers will be more than impressed. Many things that we have come to expect from a premium flagship have been missing in previous releases from Apple, and it looks like we’re finally getting what we want.

New 2016 iPhone 7 rumors suggests consumers will have more than enough on-board storage for the little things in life like songs, pictures, and of course, apps. Expandable memory has been rumored as all at least two of the three versions of the iPhone 7 are expected to come with a micro SD card slot. The three versions include the iPhone 7c, iPhone 7, and the larger iPhone 7 Plus.

New iPhone 7 Rumors

Rumors on expandable memory would give consumers an extra 128GB memory and this in addition to the 16, 32, and 64GB of on-board storage. In this day in age, having more than enough is more like a necessity, especially considering there are smartphones out there that offer not one, but two micro SD card slots.

The Saygus V2 offers users an almost endless stream of memory with 256GB of expandable memory, and although the iPhone 7 will only have one slot, consumers will more than appreciate it. 16 gigabytes is almost a thing of the past as there’s nothing more annoying of having to limit yourself to what you can do, and what you can store.

New iPhone 7 rumors on the 2016 release suggest a slightly larger 4.8” screen. This will be up from the current iPhone that boasts a 4.7” screen, but the 4K Sapphire display is where it’s all at. With a resolution of 4 times that of full-HD, the visual appeal is expected to be one of the best features of the iPhone 7.

The Sapphire screen is expected to be almost shatterproof, and I say this very lightly. The durability of Sapphire will be much stronger than the Gorilla Glass that we have seen in the past, and will protect the screen from most scratches and typical damage. The verdict is still out if this will be a reality or not, but based on the persistent iPhone 7 rumors that suggests it will, we’re almost certain. We’re also hearing rumors on a true 3D display that will only enhance the visual experience.