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New Apple iPhone 7 Rumors on the Sapphire Display, 4K Resolution, and Waterproof Features

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If you’re patiently waiting for something huge in the next iPhone, then waiting for the iPhone 7 is something surely worth waiting for. Apple is intending on making some major changes to the overall iPhone concept that will significantly improve on the visibility, durability, and features of the phone itself. With much of the concentration on the 2016 smartphone lineup being on health related features and improved functionality, the upcoming release will do just that.

We’ve been hearing more and more rumors on things to expect as noted in the many leaks and Apple iPhone 7 rumors. Centered on an amazing 4K resolution that is also rumored to feature a Sapphire display, both the visual aspects and screen durability will be greatly improved. One of the biggest negatives that has been seen in previous iPhones is the fragile screen, and the Sapphire display will significantly improve this.

New Apple iPhone 7 Rumors

The 4K resolution will give you the best visuals, and one that will compete with other 2016 flagship smartphones such as the Galaxy Note 6. The 4K display is believed to feature a resolution at the top end of the spectrum with a 4096 x 2160 Ultra HD resolution. The viewing experience on the iPhone 7 screen will be more like watching videos right in your living room (if you own a 4K TV).

Probably one of the biggest iPhone 7 rumors is on the waterproof feature. Expected to become packed with health related sensors, the waterproof features will allow for a better overall experience. Swimming, taking pictures underwater, along with running, biking, and other activities will leave you will no worries at all.