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2016 LG G5 Note and LG G5 Release Date Rumors

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With the LG G4 proving that anything can be done with a smartphone, we start to look at what LG is planning with their 2016 LG G5 release. With numerous rumors on when and where to expect it, we’re starting to get a pretty good idea of when both versions are set to debut. With two versions expected, we have the latest on the LG G5 Note and LG G5 release date rumors to follow.

Initially, there was speculation that the LG G5 release date would be around the same time as the Galaxy S7, but we’re now hearing reports that it’ll be well after. With the S7 expected to debut by the middle of April 2016, it’s looking like we’ll have to wait for both the LG G5 and LG G5 Note release for at least another month.

2016 LG G5 Note and LG G5 Release Date Rumors

The most consistent LG G5 release date rumors suggest a mid-May worldwide release. While most of this is mere speculation at this time, it makes the most sense when looking at previous releases in the LG G series. With the G4 expected to debut at the same time this year, and previous versions as well, we’re not expecting LG to stray away from their consistent nature.

Korea LG G5 release date rumors suggest the middle of May, which if true, would set up a launch in other markets right after. With LG being based out of Korea, it’s safe to say the launch in Korea will kick off the release in other markets. Asian markets will be next followed soon after the by the US, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Canada, and other large markets.

The LG G5 Note release date rumors suggest that LG is indeed intending on launching a premium version that will be slightly larger, with premium specs. Expect so much more over the coming months, especially as we get closer to 2016, but for now, be sure to check out some of the hardware specs of the LG G5.