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LG G5 Note Release Rumors with the LG G5 in Q2 of 2016

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For those looking for one of the top Phablets in 2016, then you may want to stop and consider the new line that LG is intending to become one of the best. LG is looking to make a huge splash, and one that is expected to compete with two of the best for the year; Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 6. The LG G5 Note is expected to be released right after the LG G5 and possibly a cheaper, plastic version to give consumers three variants of the 2016 LG G5 release.

LG has been rumored to be in the mix of releasing a high quality 2016 smartphone, and one that boasts a bigger screen, premium specs, and 4K display. The larger Note is actually expected to debut this year as the LG G4 Note which is rumored to be a 5.8” Phablet.

LG G5 Note Release Rumors

The LG G5 Note is believed to feature an exotic and lightweight metal composite that will help off-set the larger size, and make it more durable. Sporting similar specs as the G5 including a 2.9 GHZ octa-core processor, 5 GB RAM, Sapphire screen with Gorilla Glass 4, wireless charging, on-screen fingerprint scanner, and at least a 20 MP rear-facing camera.

One things for certain, if you want the best you will have to pay for the best. The price for the LG G5 Note will be slightly higher than the G5, and is rumored to be in the area of $1000 on launch day. Paying the full price out of pocket will not sound appealing to most of us, so taking advantage of new or renewal cell phone contracts will help off-set the out of pocket price.

The release date LG G5 Note price is expected to be $299 here in the US for contract pricing, and $799 – $999 for off-contract pricing. Stay tuned for more info on the rumored Q2 2016 including all other rumors and confirmations on the LG G5 Note.