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3D Smartphones will be the Hottest Trend we’ll see in 2016

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Each year there seems to be something new with smartphones, and in 2016 we wouldn’t expect anything different.  The current trend of technology is 3D and the future trend of smartphones is 3D. This brings us to new rumors on the upcoming 2016 smartphones that many believe will feature the same technology.

3D smartphones have been rumored for years, but have never really materialized the way we see the future trends to be. The lineup of some of the best smartphones for 2016 is rumored to feature 3D technology including the iPhone 7, Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 6, Xperia Z5, and LG G5. We’re almost certain that many of the flagships will be released as 2016 3D smartphones; at least this is what we’re hoping to see.

2016 3D Smartphones

The first 3D smartphone was introduced by Amazon last year, and it was regarded to be a direct competitor of the iPhone 6. Three years went into the production of the Amazon 3D smartphone, but never really lived up to the pre-release hype.

In 2016, this is all expected to change as the top manufacturers are all currently looking at 3D technology that would presumably enhance the overall user experience. Creating lifelike videos, 3D pictures that truly come out of the phone, and producing a sort of floating object that will appear to hover over the phone itself, and all this while not having to done those silly looking 3D glasses.

The HTC Evo 3D and LG Optimus 3D were also using the same type of technology, but were far inferior to the 2016 3D smartphones we’re expecting to see.