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2016 Smartphones Potential Features: Solar Display and Waterproofing and Shockproofing Capabilities

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2016 will be a great year for all the smartphone enthusiasts. Every major manufacturer is working hard to equip their devices with unique features in order to outsmart their competitors, which in turn will make the 2016 smartphones better than ever before.

While the manufacturers still haven’t revealed the detailed information about the unique features, several of them have been heavily surfacing throughout the internet this year. Among them, we believe that the following features have more potentiality in being applied in 2016 smartphones:

2016 Smartphones Potential Features - Solar Display and Waterproofing and Shockproofing Capabilities

Solar Display in Major Smartphone Brands

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a smartphone running through solar energy while battery charge starts to drain out? You might answer, “It will be amazing!” Well, major smartphone manufacturers know what will make you say amazing. And that’s why, they might equip their 2016 smartphones with the solar display. Though detailed information about the particular technology hadn’t been revealed, a few months ago, Japanese electronics company Kyocera showed a smartphone prototype in which the display is capable of absorbing solar energy. It contains Wysips Crystal, a power generating layer that is connected to a chip capable of transforming the absorbed solar energy into power, which can be used by the battery when it starts to drain out. While the solar energy is still not capable of providing all the required power alone to keep the smartphones fully functional, the particular prototype is a great innovation, which might push major manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung and LG, to contact Kyocera and adopt the technology for their flagship 2016 smartphones.

Waterproofing and Shockproofing Capabilities in Either iPhone 6S or iPhone 7

While several handsets of Samsung’s Galaxy line-up have already been equipped with waterproofing and shockproofing capabilities, Apple’s iPhone line-up still haven’t featured the specific technologies yet. The Cupertino company knows that its fans do not want to see the iPhone lagging behind from Samsung’s devices in terms of any feature. In fact, the company itself doesn’t want to be pushed back by its fierce rival. So, either this year’s iPhone 6S or next year’s iPhone 7 is very likely to feature the waterproofing and shockproofing capabilities. And if it really happens, you can take your iPhone with you to take selfies with the fishes while swimming underwater! Moreover, you will not have to worry about getting your iPhone accidentally fallen from your hand and broken into pieces, as the shockproof technology will withstand the fall and protect your beloved smartphone. These features will make the iPhone the best among all the other 2016 smartphones.

These are the features that are very likely to be used in 2016 smartphones. Keep in touch with us to get more information about the potential features of next year’s premium handsets.