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Which 2016 Samsung Smartphone will Feature a Foldable Design?

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As we take another look into the future of smartphones, Samsung has already given us much to look forward to. With their public announcement that a foldable design is on the way in 2016, it leaves us much to wonder about with the upcoming Samsung releases. With rumors on three different flagships in the works and possibly a fourth 2016 Samsung smartphone due to be released, it has us wondering which one will feature a foldable design.

Samsung continually looks to introduce us with something new as seen in the previous releases of the Note and Edge concepts, and 2016 looks to be more of the same. One thing that Samsung always seems to do is bring a whole new meaning to the word “innovation”, and the idea of a 2016 Samsung smartphone rumors do just that.

Which 2016 Samsung Smarpthone will Feature a Foldable Display

With rumors on the 2016 Samsung smartphone releases suggesting the next renditions in the Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Edge series, we’re still patiently awaiting the official announcements. With 3D screens, 4K resolutions, eye scanning technology, and eight core processors only some of the features to come, the foldable design is one more reason to look forward to next year.

The newest 2016 Samsung smartphone rumors suggests a brand new model that will be introduced. Many believe it will be the foldable variant that is likely to be even bigger than the Galaxy Note 5. When looking at it more, this is probably the most likely candidate to feature a foldable design, especially considering the popularity of the Galaxy S Edge and Galaxy Note Edge concepts.