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2016 HTC Smartphone Rumors on a 6″ Premium Phablet

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It looks like HTC will finally be entering the ring with a premium Phablet of their own in 2016 as the current trend of bigger, premium smartphones is here. New 2016 HTC smartphone rumors coincide with what most of the top manufacturers are doing when it comes to bigger, more premium, and an overall better multitasking experience.

Rumors on the upcoming lineup of 2016 HTC smartphones has a larger 6” flagship being released, and probably during the early 2nd quarter of next year. With all of the top manufacturers launching their additions of the Phablet alongside their flagships, it looks like HTC will be jumping on board.

2016 HTC Smartphone Rumors

Samsung was the first with the original Galaxy Note, and during a time when consumers and analysts alike just didn’t agree. Now, some five years later we’re waiting for the inevitable release of the Galaxy Note 5, and next year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 6 looks even better.

As of this time, there are no confirmations to support our claims, but we’ve heard that a new HTC Phablet could be as big as 6 inches. It wouldn’t surprise us to see a 4K screen with a ppi of over 600, 3.2 GHZ octa-core processor, 5 GB RAM, and an new exotic ultra-lightweight surround.

The new 2016 HTC Smartphone rumors do make the most sense, considering it’s what consumers want to see.